Monday, September 2, 2013

Elijah s Miracle

I am doing very well. I am so happy and am loving this new change of companions. I have never been happier. Life is going so great and with this companion, the days fly by. She is a sweetheart. She worked her fingers off in a mandarin orange factory, no joke, to be on her mission. I love to hear her testimony and it is so uplifting for me. I am feeling the spirit more and more and having little miracles, inspirations that are changing my day to day thoughts. This change of attitude has helped a lot and I think this will lead to a lot more success here.I have tried to serve my roommates a lot more to love them. With the budget I created I was the only one with food the last week of the month. I told them to eat it all. Remember the story of Elijah in the Old Testament where the widow offered all her flour to him- the prophet and it never ran out? I am pretty sure that is what has happened with the oatmeal. It is never ending.
 We went to Church and the lessons were on faith, practice, and diligence. It was an answer to my prayers and once again my testimony was reaffirmed in the inspiration in the church. I am doing great, learning more than ever. Spanish is getting more and more easy and english harder.  Although there are days harder than others, I am growing and truly happy. More than ever, I want to be more obedient for others, I want to share and talk to others and be an influence for others.

The sector is going good. We lost an investigator this week, who in order to maintain the relationship with her kids, stopped talking to us and this was hard, but other things are going good. We now have 2 baptism dates we are working for. I think we will be able to get them more excited and prepared as their date comes closer but the most important thing is that they attend church. We want to put a lot of focus on this the next coming weeks. We had a different investigator at church and hope to get some progress with her. I am excited for the upcoming week because we have a lot to do in this sector. Visiting more Menos Activos then I ever thought was possible, some of their responses are ....harsh but I know that one way or another, with time, they will be able to soften back up to reaccept the gospel and remember the blessings therein.
You asked for my Christmas Wish List.... white tootsie rolls, those pink grandma cookies (that I am sure have enough preservatives to make it here ok)nylon or tights and small earrings.

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