Monday, September 23, 2013


Tuesday morning we went and cleaned out a house of an investigator. It was crazy and to make things worse I couldn't understand a word she said. It might have well been Chinese. She really liked me and kept saying come here Hermana Nokes. and help me with dkaflhsdkfjashldfuhka something I didn't understand. haha  We met with our two other investigators. They are really learning and we have been really open with them about (look be baptized if you know it's true. already!) I liked this lesson on the doctrine of Christ.. we invited them to the 18 festival! this night we went and played futbol at the capilla. 

VIVA CHILE:! WEDNESDAY was great. we had a district meeting, a real Chilean lunch empenadas (which for all you gringos is homemade hot pockets or cal zones) ...funny side story I told this family that at my house we eat something called cal zones. everyone busted up! That means PANTIES/UNDERWEAR in chile =) haha so i will be a little more careful with that.

Yesterday we had a miracle.CARLOS came to church with us. I was so happy. This is a huge step. HE said it was interesting. I hope next week Carlos, Martina, Patxi, Leila and Bairon can come. Oh I hope so. We ate the biggest steak I have ever seen in my life. with the arranguiz. because I am so tall here they gave me the biggest. oh my ghosh. It took me a long time to not even eat it all. They told me ëat with your hands hermana! and I tried but I was going to pop. It was good. I never thought Id like meat and now I love steak. if its done chileno. haha

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