Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Oct 6

What an amazing week. 10-6
On tuesday we taught an investigator about the book of mormon and at the end I prayed that we could all know that it was true. It was truly amazing that night because we taught an investigator who ebbs and flows (?) in his progress. He knew all the FACTS about why the book of mormon wasn't true. I felt that it was true and it burned through me and radiated in the room and I knew that God had answered my prayers.

Our other investigator is going great. We realized that he has to quit smoking by october 11. and slipped me to tell Him. But please pray that He will be able to do it to be repentant by October 25th, his baptism. He is so excited and tells us to come over every day. we will teach about tithing tonight.

conferencia was genial (super) ! o sea general! i watched 3/4ths in english but a bit in spanish when our investigator came. I wrote a boatload of questions for the Lord and each was answered in different talks. REALLY!  Even thinking about my eventual going home the last talk said Embrace the change. and President Monson hoped I would get home safely. But we still arent talking about that. haha my comp reminds me sometimes. its funny.

Basically we ran into the creeper the other night and he said some more inappropriate things but we are being taken care of and I am not as worried as I was a week ago. Plus, in our zone today this guy taught us selfdefense. and its pretty easy. all you have to know are the angles and the way you can pinch people in that really fat part we all have on our arms. or twist their wrists the wrong way. I will be so sore tomorrow.

so basically i hope that the Lord answered your prayers through conference ...if He didnt you didnt listen well enough and should review. thanks for all being my friends and lovely family. love to all. Hna Nokes 

Training a new missionary Sept 29,2014

I´m seeing that the Lord is doing what He needs to in His time in this sector. And I am really thrilled about it. I was starting to think that the long nights of contacting were for nothing, but we are seeing progress now and finding new people. I know it has something to do with the motivation and excitement my companion has and our obedience. I'm feeling better than I have for a while and think it's because the Lord is bettering my attitude and helping me. All in all, I see His love each day.

We have an investigator who is progressing towards a baptism and a few others who are coming to church a bit more. We are trying to bring members more with us now that we have a few more fixed appointments.
My companions training is going good. and It's good to see her growing. She is good to be with. I think that she feels as I felt when I started the mission. That I could do things, feel the spirit, teach, but then its humbling to have to do it in spanish when it changes everything.  Shes doing good and is a good Little missionary. I'm still enjoying that she won't start to pray or write in her journal until I do, so it keeps me on my toes. 
Life is good. I'm glad the mission is teaching me so much.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Area, New Companion

One of my favorite investigators from my last area is getting baptized. Can you believe it ? Im thrilled. even though i wont be there to see it. =) 

Well I'm loving the new sector which is close to the mission home. I forgot how fun it is to be around lots of missionaries..My Companion is Hermana Nappa. When I arrived she said" I was praying for an angel and the lord sent me you." I feel honored.  My comp and I have been practicing my spanglish. I can't talk either or the other. que horror. but she's practically a gringo. the house is way to fun because we live with Hermana Davis (CA) Hna Parker (MY BFF FROM SAN FERNANDO) and Hna Arellano (MX) and of course me and my paraguayan. haha we talk all the time and do crazy things. (but not that crazy because we are missionaries, po.) 
We found some flan that had a mango taste and we kept yelling that we would eat flango. Its become somewhat of a hot item in the house and I've got to tell you Its FLANtastico en serio. 
I am glad that we are seeing miracles. I don't think it's my part but more of a team effort juntos con el espiritu. We are doing good and I've been praying to have more faith to see miracles this week and oh boy did we see them. It was kinda hard because they didn't have too many people that they were teaching but right off the bat we found a family that was interested. The two daughters and their 2 friends came to church along with a less active who said immediately YOU CAME TO VISIT ME? I WANT TO GO BACK TO CHURCH. I know that the Lord guides us. 
I was really touched because one of our goals this week was find Michelle´s Mom (the friend of the young women) and get her permission for Michelle to come to church and be baptized. We saw an older woman outside working on her fence and started talking to her Then another woman came out and asked who we were and said she had a young daughter who had went to a random church that morning. We asked and realized it was Michelle. We got her permission for her to be baptized and walked away dumbfounded and sure that the Lord had sent us there right on time. It wasn't even a street we were working in, just walking to another part. I know that every street we are on and every person that we talk to is for something. I cried after just knowing that our Heavenly Father loves us. It touched me. We will keep working with them and have more faith to find more. . We are living our dreams and working dang hard. Praying with more faith and laughing more. I came and the sector was kinda dying but we found this family and 9 new investigators. Which is a real miracle.
SQUIRREL: Also we got locked in an apartment complex while contacting. that was hillarious.
Thats it.  I hope all is well where ever you are and you see some miracles. If not, you''re not asking hard enough or waiting long enough.
                    Love always, Hermana Nokes

Monday, July 21, 2014


Today we went to the zoo and it wore me out. i understand why we went once or twice a year as a child zooper tiring. ..I saw a walrus yelling (YES!) , a camel peeing, and tried to kiss a lama...a fish with teeth.. and yep. that was the morning. it was similar to a working day here haha just kidding.   
It really was an amazing week. We had our branch conference down here and the theme was treasures in heaven. I really learned so much. It was so funny because the Saturday session had 20ish people (lets keep in mind that 10 missionaries were there) ...the branch counselor said ¨When the church started 6 people were there, so we've at least tripled that. hahaha we died. ...of laughter that is.
Okay time for miracles. Speaking of treasures and We taught the first vision to a lady (approx 50 years) she was freaking out and said that she felt something in her chest.(her body, not her armouir)  and it moved her. She was amazed. she promised to go to church because she wanted to learn more about this strange feeling.A burning in her bosom. I'm glad she knows it exists. - she went and only stayed for sacrament because she said the feelings chewed her out so bad  (gave her stick...which doesn't translate to english...made her want to be better.) actually she had things to do......... it was so neat. We sang in the branch choir (which had 2 members and all missionaries ) and it brought the spirit there.

we met the most kappo kid ever (kappo is smart in chileno) Vicente is thirteen and was saying.. so if the point of studying is so we can go into university so we can get a good job so we can get food for our family and live happy so we can die -.---whats the point of everything. We have another appointment with their family this week. His parents were like bewildumbfoundexcited. WE WERE SO EXCITED THAT WE forgot to invite them to church... quuuaak. =( haha but they will progress little by little. 

Me and my companion got to go to the elders baptism, Mabel... and sing "I feel my saviors love". It was really beautiful.  I love that song and know that I truly can feel His love.We were stoked because Fernanda and two of her friends went to the baptism. Mabel shared some of her syrup. oak-kay that was a rather treestay joke (triste=sad) im pine, im pine.    

 I'm thinking they might transfer me this week and Im sad! Well, we will see. its about 70 to 30 that I'll go. we will see!

Friday, June 27, 2014

.....Juan Forst Nipping at your Nose......

June 16th…..I was really excited for p day today to share my testimony. so many good things have been happening.. I’ve seen the Lord touching people and I know we are his messengers. Though the rain depresses me and with a new sector we will be outside a ton, it should be good. i feel a lot more motivated to do the Lords work now, even though I’m getting so tired.
the ideal transfer! Not leaving the ward, but getting a new sector...i was getting a little tired of the other streets! 
Funniest things My companion keeps me on my toes...she managed to lose her wallet and our cellphone this week.(and her agenda a few weeks ago ) Its a good thing that I love her. I said we are learning about justice and mercy... She is in debt and i pay the debt. haha  We joked about how she lost everything, her sector and investigators. She asked why she couldn’t lose a few pounds. i think its because of the next paragraph...

We ate a fruit called mancaqui that makes your mouth dry out and you cant smile very well. We couldn’t leave during chiles game in the world cup and had a fhe with our house (after planning for 3 hours) we ate cucumbers with merken and rice cake with pb and honey and peanuts and nachoooos. and played rhino (yes, with balloons around the waist and thumbtacks on our noses hahaha ) 

....thinking about inception.  im here in a strange place redefining who i was in strange place rediscovering who i once was... think about it.. okay we did years and years and years of preparation to come to the earth in this time.. and thank heavens we are here to save others. (Alma 13:3) I love the mission and never want it to it won’t. 

.June 23rd  Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Juan frost nipping at your nose.. it’s so cold. haha we’ve been in our whitewash and contacting more than ever. It’s amazing the people that god sends us.. We found a woman who constantly closes her eyes because she got trauma from an accident. We found a woman who is ashamed of her son who changed genders and a woman whose son commit suicide. And a few other goldens!  I am so glad the Lord has confidence in us we have the greatest message in the world that can solve any problem. that I know is true. I’m so grateful for the new start the gospel gives us... Sometimes, like Elder Holland I wonder why the only hardship that we have as missionaries is not getting pneumonia from being in the baptismal font for too long! But when my body begs for rest or when sometimes its hard for me, I (like Pres Erying) think of Christ. He always kept going and served until the end. I know our rewards are much greater than our sacrifices. so keep swimming my friends!  Not too exciting week. When CHile wins the world cup ill write more. 
It’s been cool to see the lord’s hand more in my life. Sometimes I think I cant see it too much, but i just have to keep looking.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Death , Ressurection and Exaltation

...that's what we are teaching right?

something cool i saw this week was a viewing. we went to visit our less active, whose mother died and i expected some consoling, some tears, and some hugs and chao... she says want to see my mom? we go in, to the dining room. all the kitchen chairs were lined against the wall, all the walls covered in white sheets and in the middle of the room was a casket with flowers around in buckets, cups and vases. there she was, and we met her mother. the casket had jesus christ engraved on it, and was gorgeous. there were four lights coming out of framing on the sides that im pretty sure were four of the original stones that the brother of Jared had touched to give his tight like unto a dish boats light. i thought about my sweet family and the good moments we have had. and other funerals i went to.

one night we got stuck in the rain and others we didn't enter any houses. At least we know that opposition still exists. haha The nights have been dang cold, but we are happy. My companion and I have talked about just about every topic on earth, but I love her to death... haha

 I felt a great rebirth as I asked for a blessing from the Elderly elder that looks like the man from UP. If he just wore his pants a little higher and had balloons ...this blessing reaffirmed my testimony. that was a very strong spiritual experience and I know the Lord hears us. I could not be more sure. It said that sometimes we are here to teach our companions and investigators and members, everyone. And i know that's true. Maybe to teach myself too. 

Exaltation comes every week in the branch  here, they always say OH THE SWEET MISSIONARIES; oh! if we only had their spirituality.. and their sweetness and their drive! (LITTLE DO THEY KNOW) 
also, something nasty you might want to know. last  night we were walking and saw a huge (id estimate a gallon)  puddle of blood. BLOOD! Not funny. we left pretty quickly. annnnd yep. That is it for the week.
Have a great one! Love to all,
Hermana Nokes

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cursing, a miracle?

My companion´s name is Karen del Rocío (Karen of the Dew) and I love her to pieces. She is very similar to me, but better. Every time I read about dew in the scriptures (D&C 121:45 , etc...) I think of Her. She has distilled the gospel on me! haha Such a cutie.
Hna Juarez and I had a hard night where we didn't enter houses and she pointed to a house and said Here's our next miracle. We knocked and a man came out yelling and cursing us, and told us to get out of here. The next contact asked us why we were wasting our time and told us to go home and shower. (Don't know why. But okay.) We laughed and thought of the miracles she makes.
The next day was similar. We had many people committed to church, passed for one, she wasn't home, passed for the second, no one answered. passed for the third and fourth, their brother (CONVERT) was home and told us to wait for him. ,....we ended up hitchhiking late to church without him and praying that we could get to church on time to take the sacrament. Luckily the brother in charge of the bread forgot it, and my miracle came true. I love that the Lord answers our smallest prayers and loves us enough to give us agency (even if we use it to curse missionaries) .

We learned about family history a lot this week. how cool that we need to seal ourselves to our parents and our ancestors. I was looking at photos with our convert, Lily who gave me a pic of her. Its of her on the beach in her swimming suit. hahahaha What a lady. Cracked me up so much. 

I think the greatest miracle going on here is not so much what we are teaching others, but what we are learning together. I"ve learned so much of how to truly communicate with someone (and believe me, its been hard to truly communicate in another language) We have solved so many problems, she has taught me things that i do weird or wrong, and I have taught her too. I'm looking forward to another miraculous week. Sorry for the novel. I better book it out of here. I wish someone paged me for my poor puns. but no one will pa-per me. 
haha have a good one!