Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cursing, a miracle?

My companion´s name is Karen del Rocío (Karen of the Dew) and I love her to pieces. She is very similar to me, but better. Every time I read about dew in the scriptures (D&C 121:45 , etc...) I think of Her. She has distilled the gospel on me! haha Such a cutie.
Hna Juarez and I had a hard night where we didn't enter houses and she pointed to a house and said Here's our next miracle. We knocked and a man came out yelling and cursing us, and told us to get out of here. The next contact asked us why we were wasting our time and told us to go home and shower. (Don't know why. But okay.) We laughed and thought of the miracles she makes.
The next day was similar. We had many people committed to church, passed for one, she wasn't home, passed for the second, no one answered. passed for the third and fourth, their brother (CONVERT) was home and told us to wait for him. ,....we ended up hitchhiking late to church without him and praying that we could get to church on time to take the sacrament. Luckily the brother in charge of the bread forgot it, and my miracle came true. I love that the Lord answers our smallest prayers and loves us enough to give us agency (even if we use it to curse missionaries) .

We learned about family history a lot this week. how cool that we need to seal ourselves to our parents and our ancestors. I was looking at photos with our convert, Lily who gave me a pic of her. Its of her on the beach in her swimming suit. hahahaha What a lady. Cracked me up so much. 

I think the greatest miracle going on here is not so much what we are teaching others, but what we are learning together. I"ve learned so much of how to truly communicate with someone (and believe me, its been hard to truly communicate in another language) We have solved so many problems, she has taught me things that i do weird or wrong, and I have taught her too. I'm looking forward to another miraculous week. Sorry for the novel. I better book it out of here. I wish someone paged me for my poor puns. but no one will pa-per me. 
haha have a good one!

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