Monday, July 29, 2013

Opposition in All Things

SO many good things happened this week.
We eat a lot of churascos. A lot of chicken and rice and a lot of completos. And salad. And soup. Churascos are carne (I never know what that word means but cow i think...its good) with palta avocado and tomato. They are great. Of course, all of these things are drenched in mayonnaise. I am happy I am getting fat. Because this means I don't have a parasite. Ya. And I really am not too fat yet. My favorite thing we ate here was like a Philly cheese steak sandwich roll up.  They have these great Tatar tot things that are mashed potatoes fried. MMM.- today for lunch I ate these huge huge empanadas, which are like calzones, ...but more fattening. Lol! No sauce, only cheese cheese cheese and fried. Talk about heart problems.
Opposition. so good, because the work is so real! I had a cool experience this week. I hope you understand it. But its hard to explain because the spirit doesn't send well over the Internet. We were in a lesson with Sonja, our golden investigator and talked about opposition. Something very strong happened and I was really moved by the spirit. She talked about some heavy things. ...I have never felt that way because we talked about opposition and I felt so dark but after I prayed during the lesson and the spirit was so strong. I knew that Grandpa Nokes and Grandma Seal were in the room with me. IT was insanely crazy overwhelming happy.  We talked very strong and told her the reason why we were here was to baptize her. ...which you don't say to investigators. I said some things that were very strongly worded. Which is crazy because a) I don't speak Spanish and b) I am not a very powerfully moved passionate person. After we left her house it was pitch black on the whole street and I was so scared because of the things we talked about Satan. I prayed. My companion said look up! And the sky was different than I have ever seen. I saw the stars more bright than ever and they screamed, God is there for you. You are okay. There is opposition, but there are also the best things in the world. That night we prayed and my companion and I both received revelation about Sonja. We realized that she uses our lessons to teach her Evangelist followers-as her own prophesies. Hna Neira received her confirmation through Alma 12 and me in my patriarchal blessing. It says people will be here to try to thwart the good work I am involved in and I will realize this and cut off these relationships. Wow. I know that God is there for me, and sadly, we will be no longer teaching Sonja. It's hard because I loved her and I felt so sad. I want the best for these people and it's sad to see her falling into her own condemnation.
We had two baptisms this weekend.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Good, The Bad , and The Ugly

hah This title is pretty funny. but eso es la vida (this is life)                      July 22, 2013
Dad asked for my...daily schedule. .....every day I wake up at 7. My companion turns on the light and I say "I saw a `pillar of light" (mas brillante que el sol arriba de mi cabeza) She laughs. I use the bathroom. I pray.  I sing "little town, its a quiet village, everyday like the one before" (From Beauty and the Beast) while doing ab workouts. We laugh. I make some breakfast ...I really like cereal or oatmeal with bananas. Bananas I hated at home but they remind me of home. I need hot food every morning because its so cold in our house!! I eat while studying and feel the spirit. We have other study and training for the first 12 weeks and then leave for sector. Mornings are hard. lots of time to knock on doors but everyone is cooking lunch. We try to do service, clean, iron for a sick member or whatever...
We go to lunch. chicken (aka hormones on a plate) rice, potatoes. Everything. Soup every day because its cold. ....
Good...... We have another baptism date. We met this girl knocking on doors. She was so prepared and we were inspiried to go there. She is 18. I am so excited.
Bad..... I accidentally ate fish this week ( I am allergic to fish) and puked, you named it. In the house of an investigator. Hahaha. Oh my gosh. She is exactly like Janet Graves, and was so kind. I barfed only in my hands and a tiny on my scarf. What skill.  My stomach has been through cualquier infirmity here. So comical.. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers because I prayed that I wouldn't puke during the lesson and right when we changed topics at the end, puke. God is pretty funny sometimes. The investigator was so concerned. "you can sleep here if you need to." haha. I love it.
Ugly. .....Everyone thinks that I am sad here. They tell me (more than 1 person) to not suffer and to be happy.  Haha. My companion today taught me "how to do my makeup". OH goodness. So so funny. I laughed so hard.  ( I am a beautiful rubia american =)) hahah...
 Also, i wore my green jacket and got the compliment, you look like broccoli. =) such openess here. Hahah so that's the ugly

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saggy Tights

I am grateful to serve here in Chile. Although some of the conditions like cleanliness, and the food make me want to die, at times, the gospel is truly blossoming here.   Not only do we have many many lessons, and two baptisms this week, but people come up to us. The other day we were walking and a man just came up to us and said ×what do you have for me?We shared a book of Mormon, a card with our church address and our testimonies. He told us we were beautiful about eighteen times. Being a rubia gets a lot of attention here. Not to mention I am very very tall here. Weird. I have never been very tall. When I buy tights they get all worried that they wont have sizes big enough. And they don't. But I love sagging my tights. Such joys. haha
Attached is the picture from the  baptism on Saturday. They are such special girls and Its been fun to teach them a little, although they truly belong to the elders. Their family is so tender and I love to talk to them. You have to listen very  closely. haha ...listening is not a strong point of my companion. She 's a talker..and because of this they love me. Maybe <i don't understand everything they say. hmm.
I understand a lot of Spanish now. Almost everything but the drunken fights of our neighbors. I understand a lot more than I can say and Its been awesome. My companion talks faster than Ive ever heard in my life. It is hilarious. At times. Let's just say that I sleep really good at night because my ears have time to relax. Its fun to be a listener for once in my life and I think its a great attribute to learn of Christ.
I've learned so much about the role of Christ in our lives this week. I know that He loves us and is aware of our needs. Thanks for all our your love and support of me. You are my dearest friends. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week of Miracles

Wowowow. This week has been great. I got a lot of things worked out and am so happy.

I found out I had a parasite, which was the cause of weight loss and sicknesses of cualquier quantity and everything. I took some nasty pills ´the bomb´which killed me in order to save me. Haha I am doing so good now. wow ..what a miracle. 

We went on splits with the mission presidents wife( she has not been here long ) and one lesson was like the ultimate dream lesson. Wow. It was crazy. Boom, boom boom. The restauracion, Jesus Christ, will you be baptized on Aug 17th? it was perfect. Hermana Warne bore testimony and it was the perfect spirit. I am so excited for our investigator. She said Í am confused. My parents are evangelicists (what is the word in english!) I was catholic, and I've never felt like this. YES! That's the holy ghost. What a miracle. 

This week I started to talk more and more. I actually can have a sense of humor in spanish now! It feels so good to be back. I've been quiet for so long. I am finally remembering the names of people and getting more knowledge of the chilean world.  Although I am scared of the food now. I am going to get worms again! 

I learned so much about Jesus Christ this week. It really is amazing his sacrifice and I want to be like him. In Preach My Gospel It says Christlike  patience is bearing things without being annoyed or frustrated. Wow. I need to change my thoughts so that my body and actions can be a better representative of Jesus Christ.

I am truly happy. This has been a week of miracles and I can't wait for more challenges and more miracles. The Lord is truly mindful of us.

Thanks all. You have all impacted me profoundly.

Monday, July 1, 2013


This week was liquid because it rained so much. The rain here was like Seattle squared! Holy Cow. It rained and rained. I'll try to attach some pics. but the internet connection is hardly ever good.

This week was also liquid because we taught two drunk ladies on different nights. I had no desire to drink, but any desire I had is vanished. The first will haunt me for the rest of my life. She was in such bad shape. The second lady was super crazy and said "I know the spirit is here because when 2 or 3 witnesses are gathered in my name I am with them" quoting the scripture wrong. It was weird. The devil is a sneaky little devil! haha

Also.....WE HAVE A BAPTISM DATE with another investigator >August 10th
Also.. a spiritual thought. I am like Enoch. Moses 6:31. I am just a lad (a lass) and slow of speech but if I have great faith (Moses 7:31  ) I can do great things. 

And.. 2 Nephi 2:23. because I have seen the bad here, I know the good. Life is so good in Riverton Utah and we are so blessed. 

I got to go. I love you so good things. 
I shook David Archuletta' s hand
My companion