Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week of Miracles

Wowowow. This week has been great. I got a lot of things worked out and am so happy.

I found out I had a parasite, which was the cause of weight loss and sicknesses of cualquier quantity and everything. I took some nasty pills ´the bomb´which killed me in order to save me. Haha I am doing so good now. wow ..what a miracle. 

We went on splits with the mission presidents wife( she has not been here long ) and one lesson was like the ultimate dream lesson. Wow. It was crazy. Boom, boom boom. The restauracion, Jesus Christ, will you be baptized on Aug 17th? it was perfect. Hermana Warne bore testimony and it was the perfect spirit. I am so excited for our investigator. She said Í am confused. My parents are evangelicists (what is the word in english!) I was catholic, and I've never felt like this. YES! That's the holy ghost. What a miracle. 

This week I started to talk more and more. I actually can have a sense of humor in spanish now! It feels so good to be back. I've been quiet for so long. I am finally remembering the names of people and getting more knowledge of the chilean world.  Although I am scared of the food now. I am going to get worms again! 

I learned so much about Jesus Christ this week. It really is amazing his sacrifice and I want to be like him. In Preach My Gospel It says Christlike  patience is bearing things without being annoyed or frustrated. Wow. I need to change my thoughts so that my body and actions can be a better representative of Jesus Christ.

I am truly happy. This has been a week of miracles and I can't wait for more challenges and more miracles. The Lord is truly mindful of us.

Thanks all. You have all impacted me profoundly.

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