Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saggy Tights

I am grateful to serve here in Chile. Although some of the conditions like cleanliness, and the food make me want to die, at times, the gospel is truly blossoming here.   Not only do we have many many lessons, and two baptisms this week, but people come up to us. The other day we were walking and a man just came up to us and said ×what do you have for me?We shared a book of Mormon, a card with our church address and our testimonies. He told us we were beautiful about eighteen times. Being a rubia gets a lot of attention here. Not to mention I am very very tall here. Weird. I have never been very tall. When I buy tights they get all worried that they wont have sizes big enough. And they don't. But I love sagging my tights. Such joys. haha
Attached is the picture from the  baptism on Saturday. They are such special girls and Its been fun to teach them a little, although they truly belong to the elders. Their family is so tender and I love to talk to them. You have to listen very  closely. haha ...listening is not a strong point of my companion. She 's a talker..and because of this they love me. Maybe <i don't understand everything they say. hmm.
I understand a lot of Spanish now. Almost everything but the drunken fights of our neighbors. I understand a lot more than I can say and Its been awesome. My companion talks faster than Ive ever heard in my life. It is hilarious. At times. Let's just say that I sleep really good at night because my ears have time to relax. Its fun to be a listener for once in my life and I think its a great attribute to learn of Christ.
I've learned so much about the role of Christ in our lives this week. I know that He loves us and is aware of our needs. Thanks for all our your love and support of me. You are my dearest friends. 

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