Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Good, The Bad , and The Ugly

hah This title is pretty funny. but eso es la vida (this is life)                      July 22, 2013
Dad asked for my...daily schedule. .....every day I wake up at 7. My companion turns on the light and I say "I saw a `pillar of light" (mas brillante que el sol arriba de mi cabeza) She laughs. I use the bathroom. I pray.  I sing "little town, its a quiet village, everyday like the one before" (From Beauty and the Beast) while doing ab workouts. We laugh. I make some breakfast ...I really like cereal or oatmeal with bananas. Bananas I hated at home but they remind me of home. I need hot food every morning because its so cold in our house!! I eat while studying and feel the spirit. We have other study and training for the first 12 weeks and then leave for sector. Mornings are hard. lots of time to knock on doors but everyone is cooking lunch. We try to do service, clean, iron for a sick member or whatever...
We go to lunch. chicken (aka hormones on a plate) rice, potatoes. Everything. Soup every day because its cold. ....
Good...... We have another baptism date. We met this girl knocking on doors. She was so prepared and we were inspiried to go there. She is 18. I am so excited.
Bad..... I accidentally ate fish this week ( I am allergic to fish) and puked, you named it. In the house of an investigator. Hahaha. Oh my gosh. She is exactly like Janet Graves, and was so kind. I barfed only in my hands and a tiny on my scarf. What skill.  My stomach has been through cualquier infirmity here. So comical.. I know that Heavenly Father answers prayers because I prayed that I wouldn't puke during the lesson and right when we changed topics at the end, puke. God is pretty funny sometimes. The investigator was so concerned. "you can sleep here if you need to." haha. I love it.
Ugly. .....Everyone thinks that I am sad here. They tell me (more than 1 person) to not suffer and to be happy.  Haha. My companion today taught me "how to do my makeup". OH goodness. So so funny. I laughed so hard.  ( I am a beautiful rubia american =)) hahah...
 Also, i wore my green jacket and got the compliment, you look like broccoli. =) such openess here. Hahah so that's the ugly

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