Monday, September 30, 2013

"You wake up Ugly"

This week was great. We have been having people slowly progressing, which makes me happy, even though I sometimes get disappointed I don’t have recent converts I realize we are preparing our investigators for bigger and better things.   I was feeling a little unmotivated one day this week and it was awesome because I prayed for a answer Then I followed the advice from my president and his wife to read and study conference. The priesthood session , Elder Tad R. Callister said = With Increased vision comes increased motivation. This was my answer. I thought and wrote a journal entry about my vision, the Lords vision for me here and how I can increase this vision. It’s amazing to me how personal our revelation can be when we really search and pray with all our desires.

We had some really spiritual lessons this week with our investigators. We invited one investigator to general conference with us and he wants to go. We had sung La oracion del profeta and he felt the spirit so strong. We talked about prophets and I think he understood how important it is. Our biggest challenge is still getting people to come to church but we have been having different investigators attend. They like it, but are too busy. So we will continue to fortify their reasons for attending church. Along with our Less active, who is really progressing. I was happy because she was at church even though her daughters didn’t go with her. 
This sector is really growing and its been awesome to have the six missionaries here. =it was 80 degrees on Tuesday. I loved it. We had another sister sleep over at our house...with the other hermanas and there was the quote of the day. “Wow Sister Nokes, you wake up ugly in the mornings. Your poor husband. hahah.” Also. Two or three people this week said they loved my green eyes . Hmm. I always thought they were brown. haha.

We taught one investigator the law of chastity. It didn’t go too bad. We had some practice before. That was my first time. We gave him a “for the strength of youth” and he was intrigued. He’s a hoot. I hope he can be converted and serve a mission.
One more funny story. Someone was speaking in church and said MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS HOW MANY BLESSINGS HAVE WE RECEIVED... a little one year old girl, yelled out EIGHT: EIGHT. Count your eight blessings. Name them one by one. She knows how many she has, but I know that my blessings are countless. I’ve received stronger affirmations of my testimony every day this week and know that I have been chosen to come here. Sometimes these people affect my life more than I think I affect theirs.
I love Villa El Sol and am happy for the things I have learned here. I know that people have been taught and hope that their little daily improvement and daily fortifications of their faith will strengthen them for a future conversion. We had some strange conversations this week with 2 investigators, but that strengthens my testimony even more that if we speak our words won’t be confounded before men and they ended up feeling the truth of our testimonies.

This, my friends,  is why I am so grateful for the restoration. I know who God is. And what his purpose is. I know that these silly conversations were turned into testimony meetings because our words will not be confounded before men. I know that the church is true and the more trials I receive the more I pray and the more I know my heavenly father knows me personally, what my needs are and how I can help other people know this.
I am so happy to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know He lives and I know God lives and directs his church. I know that He blesses us in so many ways and trusts us so much. I have seen His arm become barren in my life and know that He answers our prayers.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Tuesday morning we went and cleaned out a house of an investigator. It was crazy and to make things worse I couldn't understand a word she said. It might have well been Chinese. She really liked me and kept saying come here Hermana Nokes. and help me with dkaflhsdkfjashldfuhka something I didn't understand. haha  We met with our two other investigators. They are really learning and we have been really open with them about (look be baptized if you know it's true. already!) I liked this lesson on the doctrine of Christ.. we invited them to the 18 festival! this night we went and played futbol at the capilla. 

VIVA CHILE:! WEDNESDAY was great. we had a district meeting, a real Chilean lunch empenadas (which for all you gringos is homemade hot pockets or cal zones) ...funny side story I told this family that at my house we eat something called cal zones. everyone busted up! That means PANTIES/UNDERWEAR in chile =) haha so i will be a little more careful with that.

Yesterday we had a miracle.CARLOS came to church with us. I was so happy. This is a huge step. HE said it was interesting. I hope next week Carlos, Martina, Patxi, Leila and Bairon can come. Oh I hope so. We ate the biggest steak I have ever seen in my life. with the arranguiz. because I am so tall here they gave me the biggest. oh my ghosh. It took me a long time to not even eat it all. They told me ëat with your hands hermana! and I tried but I was going to pop. It was good. I never thought Id like meat and now I love steak. if its done chileno. haha

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bombardment of Food and New Investigators

What happened? hmm. Tuesday´s bombardment was one of food. We had so many appointments and each one gave us food. We ended the night with crepes and I am so jealous that you are starting to eat peach crepes. I want produce. oh my gosh. I loved the lessons, we taught the story of John Rowe Moyle. Please watch this for FHE and tell me you didn't cry. ( I actually didn't cry  though....its just really inspiring)
Wednesday we had the 40th anniversary of the golpe de estado. where pinochet ? or someone from the government killed and tortured a lot of people. People are still revolting because of something Its fun to understand like I do, right? with limited knowledge. haha. Anyways. there is always ruckus this night so we had to be in the house by seven to work on our area books. Good, ours needed help this being a new sector. Turns out we had missionary correlation before this so the day was only reunion de zone y district, lunch, correlation and home. It was awesome. We ate Berlins. a desert pastry at correlation. It was so good. I love cream and I love bread.
Thursday we went and taught  an investigator and did her dishes ha ha.  I taught English class and had my most embarrassing moment. ....a banker works at a bank, a teacher teaches, a doctor.... docks. oh goodness. hahaha. I love it!
Friday we went to every house possible and had little success. It was a bit hard. then we found 4 new investigators. it was a bit overwhelmingly EXCITING:)))))) =) They are evangelists and really good people. They know prayer works, although their manner of praying is a bit foreign to me.
The rest of the week was good, as I don't have time. I learned that even with fasting, sometimes the Lord tries our patience and that he is aware of us every step of the way. We had no investigators in church this week and it was hard for me. I was sad.
Sunday  night was my comps birthday. We lived it up with cake and ice cream pan and queso ramitas coca cola and all the things that are good. I think we filled the void in her heart of not being with family on her  birthday. I loved it.
The upcoming week is independence, so everyone is going out of town. Wednesday is the actual day and we are having a festival at the church from 4 pm to 12 am. Everyone is invited. mom and dad included =) haha. We will see how lessons go this week. and I know i will eat a large quantity of empenadas. VIVA CHILE!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Elder Archuleta vs. Elder from the Quorum of the Seventy

 For p-day today as a zone we played beerpong with soda and futbol. I am getting better at hitting it off my head. I am still really foame (sucky) at running with the ball but hey I can pass it better now. Today I am going to buy one to practice. I got a little sunburnt today. Its weird being so white.
Monday we went to Pelequen. I was mesmerized by everything. The drive through the rainy mountains was enough to die. The smell and sounds of the fair were awesome and it was fun to take so much in. We ended up freezing cold soaking.
We taught some menos activos. This whole week was less actives. Holy cow.  We ate sopaipillas covered in some juice that tastes like Christmas smells. If you can imagine.
We taught some very hard less actives. She said she wanted nothing to do with the church and that she didn't like gringos. Haha. Ouch. We ended up entering and have another appointment with them. Take that, lady! This day we were walking and I saw a man carrying two pig halves on his back. Like entire. The ribs the heart everything. I about died. I have to sometimes pretend I don't know how the food is made. Oh save me now.
We had a miracle this week and after fasting and then  knocking doors all day we finally entered a house and had 4 new investigators. WOW! I cant wait.

So here we are teaching less actives and our investigators. They are progressing little by little and I know my faith is growing little by little. ANd my love for empanadas. HOORAH for independence day the 18 of September. I cant wait. Although they want the missionaries to dance the national dance. Teach me how to dougie? hahah. I teach all my comps dougie, the school boy and everything in between. Basically I am the laughing scene of the dance world. I opted to sing better. I will sing I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUU. My shower song. haha

Speaking of that (singing-not showering) . We were at a mission conference. all the elders and hermanas put their bags down in the chapel and left to eat. We went back to sit and an elder sat by me, Elder David Archuleta. That was a little weird. We talked a little.  I felt more excited about the elder from the quorum of the seventy than Elder Archuleta. Although I am bound and determined to play cello with him or sing with him at some point. I can !

 This week september 11th celebrates 40 years since something I don't really understand happened with the government killing many people. So we have to be in the house at 7 pm. Maybe the second coming will come that night. We will see!!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Elijah s Miracle

I am doing very well. I am so happy and am loving this new change of companions. I have never been happier. Life is going so great and with this companion, the days fly by. She is a sweetheart. She worked her fingers off in a mandarin orange factory, no joke, to be on her mission. I love to hear her testimony and it is so uplifting for me. I am feeling the spirit more and more and having little miracles, inspirations that are changing my day to day thoughts. This change of attitude has helped a lot and I think this will lead to a lot more success here.I have tried to serve my roommates a lot more to love them. With the budget I created I was the only one with food the last week of the month. I told them to eat it all. Remember the story of Elijah in the Old Testament where the widow offered all her flour to him- the prophet and it never ran out? I am pretty sure that is what has happened with the oatmeal. It is never ending.
 We went to Church and the lessons were on faith, practice, and diligence. It was an answer to my prayers and once again my testimony was reaffirmed in the inspiration in the church. I am doing great, learning more than ever. Spanish is getting more and more easy and english harder.  Although there are days harder than others, I am growing and truly happy. More than ever, I want to be more obedient for others, I want to share and talk to others and be an influence for others.

The sector is going good. We lost an investigator this week, who in order to maintain the relationship with her kids, stopped talking to us and this was hard, but other things are going good. We now have 2 baptism dates we are working for. I think we will be able to get them more excited and prepared as their date comes closer but the most important thing is that they attend church. We want to put a lot of focus on this the next coming weeks. We had a different investigator at church and hope to get some progress with her. I am excited for the upcoming week because we have a lot to do in this sector. Visiting more Menos Activos then I ever thought was possible, some of their responses are ....harsh but I know that one way or another, with time, they will be able to soften back up to reaccept the gospel and remember the blessings therein.
You asked for my Christmas Wish List.... white tootsie rolls, those pink grandma cookies (that I am sure have enough preservatives to make it here ok)nylon or tights and small earrings.