Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Area, New Companion

One of my favorite investigators from my last area is getting baptized. Can you believe it ? Im thrilled. even though i wont be there to see it. =) 

Well I'm loving the new sector which is close to the mission home. I forgot how fun it is to be around lots of missionaries..My Companion is Hermana Nappa. When I arrived she said" I was praying for an angel and the lord sent me you." I feel honored.  My comp and I have been practicing my spanglish. I can't talk either or the other. que horror. but she's practically a gringo. the house is way to fun because we live with Hermana Davis (CA) Hna Parker (MY BFF FROM SAN FERNANDO) and Hna Arellano (MX) and of course me and my paraguayan. haha we talk all the time and do crazy things. (but not that crazy because we are missionaries, po.) 
We found some flan that had a mango taste and we kept yelling that we would eat flango. Its become somewhat of a hot item in the house and I've got to tell you Its FLANtastico en serio. 
I am glad that we are seeing miracles. I don't think it's my part but more of a team effort juntos con el espiritu. We are doing good and I've been praying to have more faith to see miracles this week and oh boy did we see them. It was kinda hard because they didn't have too many people that they were teaching but right off the bat we found a family that was interested. The two daughters and their 2 friends came to church along with a less active who said immediately YOU CAME TO VISIT ME? I WANT TO GO BACK TO CHURCH. I know that the Lord guides us. 
I was really touched because one of our goals this week was find Michelle´s Mom (the friend of the young women) and get her permission for Michelle to come to church and be baptized. We saw an older woman outside working on her fence and started talking to her Then another woman came out and asked who we were and said she had a young daughter who had went to a random church that morning. We asked and realized it was Michelle. We got her permission for her to be baptized and walked away dumbfounded and sure that the Lord had sent us there right on time. It wasn't even a street we were working in, just walking to another part. I know that every street we are on and every person that we talk to is for something. I cried after just knowing that our Heavenly Father loves us. It touched me. We will keep working with them and have more faith to find more. . We are living our dreams and working dang hard. Praying with more faith and laughing more. I came and the sector was kinda dying but we found this family and 9 new investigators. Which is a real miracle.
SQUIRREL: Also we got locked in an apartment complex while contacting. that was hillarious.
Thats it.  I hope all is well where ever you are and you see some miracles. If not, you''re not asking hard enough or waiting long enough.
                    Love always, Hermana Nokes