Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pour out Blessings

All is well in Guadalupe. I am doing great and feeling great. I have been waiting to see the fruits of our labors and obedience and yesterday I was so overwhelmed in Church because of the investigators and their families that were in the church. I thought about how the Lord will pour out blessings that there wont be room enough to recieve them. It was true. Our bench looked small. With our investigators and their kids, we had 8 people at church. I could not have been more excited. I know the Lord has a plan for me and sometimes I just have to be patient.
 It was overwhelming. I had 2 kids i was trying to keep quiet. I felt so much love for my parents as I tried to use the lotion dots and lead the music like mom and dad. We ended up drawing and coloring. I think their parents felt the spirit. I didn't.... but if they did thats what counts. I felt so happy and there literally wasn't room ¨...enough on the bench... to receive our blessings. MAYBE I am quoting that scripture wrong. but there was a great blessing there. 

 I´ve liked being companion of a coordinator because I feel like I have both lifted and been lifted by the sisters who have come to my zone. I was very grateful to be with another Hermana Wednesday and learn a little about how much she loves people. I want to be like her and have love for everyone and the gospel radiating from me. 
I think we are about to hit some major breakthroughs in our teachings. We have been patient for so long and I know that these people are prepared. I hope we can inspire them. Both Hermana Sanchez and I can see our investigator as a future church leader.  There is nothing that makes me happier. . I feel we are spending our time wisely and helping share the good news, we´ve gotten into an effective system and our companionship and investigators are all learning and growing together.
I had an awesome week. I am just relieved and happy. I learned that the Lord gives gifts to those who ask. I am grateful to my awesome family whose faith has made me not have scabies nor fleas, but one of those that is healing amazingly. I know they asked in faith.
We had  a neat christmas activity. we got GRINGO FOOD: and I GOT TWO PACKAGES from my family and I GOT TO PLAY DODGEBALL: what more could a girl want? haha

An investigator also gave me a really nice satchel. purse. cartel. bolsa. i dont know. its super though! It costed like 10 mil! (20 bucks...which is probably more like 40 bucks in the schemes of pòbracity) haha.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thankful for the little things...fleas?

Wow. I got in a lot better mood this week.
I cut my hair Monday. The first time in a year. 
Someone spoke English to us in the streets and his friend said PORQUE hablaste en ingles? Son Chilean’s. Haha Why did you speak Spanish, they are Chilean? Needless to say, I am very tan. 

I have just about the same (or more fleas.) I still have bites on my legs and stomach,but its bearable. haha I use lots of itching cream. 
 But I got word from my friends on missions in the states this week who have/had SHINGLES; LICE...hahaha Oh the things we learn. I decided someday I might be able to humble myself, but for now; the Lord has to do it for me. 
 I like my companion´s calling (Sisters leader) for her, and for me. I went on divisions this week twice, in my sector.
Tuesday Morning I had divisions with my twin. She is named Mandy, after the Barry Manilow song too. Her nickname is Mandocommando. She plays piano a little, but plays really good by ear. WE ARE TWINS. I just about died laughing. This was my first day being alone with someone who speaks English in 6 months so you can say I got some serious advice. She really inspired me. Maybe even saved me from the last week. I know that she was an answer to my prayers. We shared some neat scriptures and both came out on top. I love this sister so much. What’s not to love, right Dad? 
I got to go on other divisions with another Hermana . She’s a cutie. It was so fun. We got to share with a lot of people and it was fun to help her and that people only understand me. I do have to translate for my comp who speaks Spanish  because she talks so so dang fast with a SHA SHA SHA accent.
         I sang a duet in zone conf. with Hermana Archila. We sang Brilla Rayas de Clemencia. It was pretty. It was the first time in a long time I got to sing alto! Yay. It rocked. She sings so pretty and I am good at grounding her. I like singing a lot now. I wrote two songs. ILL BE GONE FOR CHRISTMAS and ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A BAPTISM.
The other things this week were we were contacting and the house yelled we left quickly. A man hit my butt in the streets. So we left quickly. 
Miguel, whose baptism was supposed to be Saturday and everything was all ready decided to disappear from the earth. We found him after a week. He wants nothing to do with us. I was really sad. I guess the Lord will teach us somehow. I know He knows what he is doing with us.
This week was better than the last and I got a lot of little advice from the scriptures, the words of the prophets, some mission friends and now I am feeling happy. . We also found a lot of great contactos, who should be nuevos soon.

We have a tree.- Thanksgiving was normal. Not too much there. We ate rice and chicken like every other day! haha. But I did think of my blessings a lot more. We are so blessed. I am so happy to be living here at this time. I know the Lord loves us.

The street next to ours is called MARKMANN B. and every time I see it I think Brenda and Mark Newman. SO I think of Brenda about once a day. The floors in our house are all white tile so I think of Valerie once a day. There’s a woman in the ward like Marylou so I think of her once a week. I miss my mature friends. I think of the grandmas so much. =)