Monday, July 21, 2014


Today we went to the zoo and it wore me out. i understand why we went once or twice a year as a child zooper tiring. ..I saw a walrus yelling (YES!) , a camel peeing, and tried to kiss a lama...a fish with teeth.. and yep. that was the morning. it was similar to a working day here haha just kidding.   
It really was an amazing week. We had our branch conference down here and the theme was treasures in heaven. I really learned so much. It was so funny because the Saturday session had 20ish people (lets keep in mind that 10 missionaries were there) ...the branch counselor said ¨When the church started 6 people were there, so we've at least tripled that. hahaha we died. ...of laughter that is.
Okay time for miracles. Speaking of treasures and We taught the first vision to a lady (approx 50 years) she was freaking out and said that she felt something in her chest.(her body, not her armouir)  and it moved her. She was amazed. she promised to go to church because she wanted to learn more about this strange feeling.A burning in her bosom. I'm glad she knows it exists. - she went and only stayed for sacrament because she said the feelings chewed her out so bad  (gave her stick...which doesn't translate to english...made her want to be better.) actually she had things to do......... it was so neat. We sang in the branch choir (which had 2 members and all missionaries ) and it brought the spirit there.

we met the most kappo kid ever (kappo is smart in chileno) Vicente is thirteen and was saying.. so if the point of studying is so we can go into university so we can get a good job so we can get food for our family and live happy so we can die -.---whats the point of everything. We have another appointment with their family this week. His parents were like bewildumbfoundexcited. WE WERE SO EXCITED THAT WE forgot to invite them to church... quuuaak. =( haha but they will progress little by little. 

Me and my companion got to go to the elders baptism, Mabel... and sing "I feel my saviors love". It was really beautiful.  I love that song and know that I truly can feel His love.We were stoked because Fernanda and two of her friends went to the baptism. Mabel shared some of her syrup. oak-kay that was a rather treestay joke (triste=sad) im pine, im pine.    

 I'm thinking they might transfer me this week and Im sad! Well, we will see. its about 70 to 30 that I'll go. we will see!