Sunday, June 1, 2014

Death , Ressurection and Exaltation

...that's what we are teaching right?

something cool i saw this week was a viewing. we went to visit our less active, whose mother died and i expected some consoling, some tears, and some hugs and chao... she says want to see my mom? we go in, to the dining room. all the kitchen chairs were lined against the wall, all the walls covered in white sheets and in the middle of the room was a casket with flowers around in buckets, cups and vases. there she was, and we met her mother. the casket had jesus christ engraved on it, and was gorgeous. there were four lights coming out of framing on the sides that im pretty sure were four of the original stones that the brother of Jared had touched to give his tight like unto a dish boats light. i thought about my sweet family and the good moments we have had. and other funerals i went to.

one night we got stuck in the rain and others we didn't enter any houses. At least we know that opposition still exists. haha The nights have been dang cold, but we are happy. My companion and I have talked about just about every topic on earth, but I love her to death... haha

 I felt a great rebirth as I asked for a blessing from the Elderly elder that looks like the man from UP. If he just wore his pants a little higher and had balloons ...this blessing reaffirmed my testimony. that was a very strong spiritual experience and I know the Lord hears us. I could not be more sure. It said that sometimes we are here to teach our companions and investigators and members, everyone. And i know that's true. Maybe to teach myself too. 

Exaltation comes every week in the branch  here, they always say OH THE SWEET MISSIONARIES; oh! if we only had their spirituality.. and their sweetness and their drive! (LITTLE DO THEY KNOW) 
also, something nasty you might want to know. last  night we were walking and saw a huge (id estimate a gallon)  puddle of blood. BLOOD! Not funny. we left pretty quickly. annnnd yep. That is it for the week.
Have a great one! Love to all,
Hermana Nokes

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