Friday, June 27, 2014

.....Juan Forst Nipping at your Nose......

June 16th…..I was really excited for p day today to share my testimony. so many good things have been happening.. I’ve seen the Lord touching people and I know we are his messengers. Though the rain depresses me and with a new sector we will be outside a ton, it should be good. i feel a lot more motivated to do the Lords work now, even though I’m getting so tired.
the ideal transfer! Not leaving the ward, but getting a new sector...i was getting a little tired of the other streets! 
Funniest things My companion keeps me on my toes...she managed to lose her wallet and our cellphone this week.(and her agenda a few weeks ago ) Its a good thing that I love her. I said we are learning about justice and mercy... She is in debt and i pay the debt. haha  We joked about how she lost everything, her sector and investigators. She asked why she couldn’t lose a few pounds. i think its because of the next paragraph...

We ate a fruit called mancaqui that makes your mouth dry out and you cant smile very well. We couldn’t leave during chiles game in the world cup and had a fhe with our house (after planning for 3 hours) we ate cucumbers with merken and rice cake with pb and honey and peanuts and nachoooos. and played rhino (yes, with balloons around the waist and thumbtacks on our noses hahaha ) 

....thinking about inception.  im here in a strange place redefining who i was in strange place rediscovering who i once was... think about it.. okay we did years and years and years of preparation to come to the earth in this time.. and thank heavens we are here to save others. (Alma 13:3) I love the mission and never want it to it won’t. 

.June 23rd  Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Juan frost nipping at your nose.. it’s so cold. haha we’ve been in our whitewash and contacting more than ever. It’s amazing the people that god sends us.. We found a woman who constantly closes her eyes because she got trauma from an accident. We found a woman who is ashamed of her son who changed genders and a woman whose son commit suicide. And a few other goldens!  I am so glad the Lord has confidence in us we have the greatest message in the world that can solve any problem. that I know is true. I’m so grateful for the new start the gospel gives us... Sometimes, like Elder Holland I wonder why the only hardship that we have as missionaries is not getting pneumonia from being in the baptismal font for too long! But when my body begs for rest or when sometimes its hard for me, I (like Pres Erying) think of Christ. He always kept going and served until the end. I know our rewards are much greater than our sacrifices. so keep swimming my friends!  Not too exciting week. When CHile wins the world cup ill write more. 
It’s been cool to see the lord’s hand more in my life. Sometimes I think I cant see it too much, but i just have to keep looking.

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