Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Oct 6

What an amazing week. 10-6
On tuesday we taught an investigator about the book of mormon and at the end I prayed that we could all know that it was true. It was truly amazing that night because we taught an investigator who ebbs and flows (?) in his progress. He knew all the FACTS about why the book of mormon wasn't true. I felt that it was true and it burned through me and radiated in the room and I knew that God had answered my prayers.

Our other investigator is going great. We realized that he has to quit smoking by october 11. and slipped me to tell Him. But please pray that He will be able to do it to be repentant by October 25th, his baptism. He is so excited and tells us to come over every day. we will teach about tithing tonight.

conferencia was genial (super) ! o sea general! i watched 3/4ths in english but a bit in spanish when our investigator came. I wrote a boatload of questions for the Lord and each was answered in different talks. REALLY!  Even thinking about my eventual going home the last talk said Embrace the change. and President Monson hoped I would get home safely. But we still arent talking about that. haha my comp reminds me sometimes. its funny.

Basically we ran into the creeper the other night and he said some more inappropriate things but we are being taken care of and I am not as worried as I was a week ago. Plus, in our zone today this guy taught us selfdefense. and its pretty easy. all you have to know are the angles and the way you can pinch people in that really fat part we all have on our arms. or twist their wrists the wrong way. I will be so sore tomorrow.

so basically i hope that the Lord answered your prayers through conference ...if He didnt you didnt listen well enough and should review. thanks for all being my friends and lovely family. love to all. Hna Nokes 

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