Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Elder Archuleta vs. Elder from the Quorum of the Seventy

 For p-day today as a zone we played beerpong with soda and futbol. I am getting better at hitting it off my head. I am still really foame (sucky) at running with the ball but hey I can pass it better now. Today I am going to buy one to practice. I got a little sunburnt today. Its weird being so white.
Monday we went to Pelequen. I was mesmerized by everything. The drive through the rainy mountains was enough to die. The smell and sounds of the fair were awesome and it was fun to take so much in. We ended up freezing cold soaking.
We taught some menos activos. This whole week was less actives. Holy cow.  We ate sopaipillas covered in some juice that tastes like Christmas smells. If you can imagine.
We taught some very hard less actives. She said she wanted nothing to do with the church and that she didn't like gringos. Haha. Ouch. We ended up entering and have another appointment with them. Take that, lady! This day we were walking and I saw a man carrying two pig halves on his back. Like entire. The ribs the heart everything. I about died. I have to sometimes pretend I don't know how the food is made. Oh save me now.
We had a miracle this week and after fasting and then  knocking doors all day we finally entered a house and had 4 new investigators. WOW! I cant wait.

So here we are teaching less actives and our investigators. They are progressing little by little and I know my faith is growing little by little. ANd my love for empanadas. HOORAH for independence day the 18 of September. I cant wait. Although they want the missionaries to dance the national dance. Teach me how to dougie? hahah. I teach all my comps dougie, the school boy and everything in between. Basically I am the laughing scene of the dance world. I opted to sing better. I will sing I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUU. My shower song. haha

Speaking of that (singing-not showering) . We were at a mission conference. all the elders and hermanas put their bags down in the chapel and left to eat. We went back to sit and an elder sat by me, Elder David Archuleta. That was a little weird. We talked a little.  I felt more excited about the elder from the quorum of the seventy than Elder Archuleta. Although I am bound and determined to play cello with him or sing with him at some point. I can !

 This week september 11th celebrates 40 years since something I don't really understand happened with the government killing many people. So we have to be in the house at 7 pm. Maybe the second coming will come that night. We will see!!!!

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