Monday, September 16, 2013

Bombardment of Food and New Investigators

What happened? hmm. Tuesday´s bombardment was one of food. We had so many appointments and each one gave us food. We ended the night with crepes and I am so jealous that you are starting to eat peach crepes. I want produce. oh my gosh. I loved the lessons, we taught the story of John Rowe Moyle. Please watch this for FHE and tell me you didn't cry. ( I actually didn't cry  though....its just really inspiring)
Wednesday we had the 40th anniversary of the golpe de estado. where pinochet ? or someone from the government killed and tortured a lot of people. People are still revolting because of something Its fun to understand like I do, right? with limited knowledge. haha. Anyways. there is always ruckus this night so we had to be in the house by seven to work on our area books. Good, ours needed help this being a new sector. Turns out we had missionary correlation before this so the day was only reunion de zone y district, lunch, correlation and home. It was awesome. We ate Berlins. a desert pastry at correlation. It was so good. I love cream and I love bread.
Thursday we went and taught  an investigator and did her dishes ha ha.  I taught English class and had my most embarrassing moment. ....a banker works at a bank, a teacher teaches, a doctor.... docks. oh goodness. hahaha. I love it!
Friday we went to every house possible and had little success. It was a bit hard. then we found 4 new investigators. it was a bit overwhelmingly EXCITING:)))))) =) They are evangelists and really good people. They know prayer works, although their manner of praying is a bit foreign to me.
The rest of the week was good, as I don't have time. I learned that even with fasting, sometimes the Lord tries our patience and that he is aware of us every step of the way. We had no investigators in church this week and it was hard for me. I was sad.
Sunday  night was my comps birthday. We lived it up with cake and ice cream pan and queso ramitas coca cola and all the things that are good. I think we filled the void in her heart of not being with family on her  birthday. I loved it.
The upcoming week is independence, so everyone is going out of town. Wednesday is the actual day and we are having a festival at the church from 4 pm to 12 am. Everyone is invited. mom and dad included =) haha. We will see how lessons go this week. and I know i will eat a large quantity of empenadas. VIVA CHILE!

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