Monday, August 5, 2013

A Week in Review

monday. We met Gina  and Nicolas (everything reminds me of the fam. The brand of bananas here is've got to be kidding me, least i can never forget you all)  they were amazing we taught the first lesson,. they are new to the neighborhood and want a lot of time to read and pray about the lesson.
we had no money because it was the end of the month. I tried to cook eggs but we had no gas to cook. I tried to pee no toilet paper. I ran out of food. I started a budget for the month of august and can happily report I can eat and pee in peace. and other things. Good news. haha it wasn't too bad. only 3 or 4 days. and the members feed us sooo much =)  I ate at the house of empenadas this day. so good.

Tues divisions with another sister from peru. WE ate peaches and cream at lunch. The peaches here are the best. I think its my fav fruit now. We played futbol at night I was one of the only girls this week. I was team captain and my team was undefeated ...we played the whole time because once you lose you switch out. We had an investigator there (gaston) that all of the girls were drooling over. OH WHAT A GUY, GASTOOON! LOL: He's roughly the size of a barge too. I hit my nose with the ball trying to be good and skinned a little. I know the pain of the phrase,  no skin off my nose now. haha lol

Weds. I sang the prayer at the district and zone reunion. It was so cool .  We got changed standards of excellence and are starting to work more with menos activos and converts. Its called baptisms retention and reactivation. i love it. We met a crying woman who was moved by the spirit to talk to us.

Thursday we taught 2 more investigators and I taught english class. We played a game of prepositions where we would say above, below etc and they had to do the action. They love the game. I love teaching more and more.

Friday divisions with another sister. She sends her love. It was like a sleepover. We ate talked and shared testimony. We went to bed at 12.oops. Our neighbors had a party at 5 am. What the heck. haha I didn't sleep much that night. haha

Saturday. breakfast with hermana novoa.We met with every missionary in the ward and made schedules to work better with the less actives. It was so good. At lunch with everyone we ate chicken and rice and played the game cambia. Its kinda like whose line is it anyway...acting. so fun- i loved it. You have to change the last phrase you said in conversations when the director says. i love it. We went to teach with a member, she had a hard life but a strong testimony. I love her. Our neighbors had another party that started at 3 am. Wow. music and drinking and all. I slept with my fingers in my ears.

Sunday. fasted for investigators at church. No one was there. haha it was so lame. The times we fasted for investigators, no one was there. but we are humble. haha

That was my week. not very short. but yeah. love you. Have a good week
-Kisses and hugs.

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