Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Lost Sheep

The story of the lost sheep. On July 31st, We found a woman and taught her through her fence. Her name was Leila. She cried when we testified and wanted us to come back and teach her. We had an appointment. So we went to plan and realized that we didn't have her address. We write down everything. EVERYTHING  but didn't have this. SO we were worried...because she NEEDED US: We headed out and headed to where we thought it was around. We didn't really know. We said a prayer and knocked on every house that had red brick, that's what I remembered, Brilliant Hermana Nokes. That's just about every other house. hah. We couldn't find her and gave up this night. we missed the  SO here's where we get to Tuesday. We prayed that we could find her again and looked more into the night we found her to get more information. We had about 10 or so streets to look for. We went and it started raining so so hard. I´ve never been colder I don't think. I started singing "The sun will come out tomorrow, ...when I'm stuck in a day, that's gray and freezing. .... Anyways. We couldn't find her house,. We prayed, Knocked, prayed, knocked ,no, no, no, We kept looking and asking and praying. After one prayer, I had the very distinct impression, ¨You know where it is, go¨. But...I couldn't figure out where it was. I remembered very distinct things. But not where the stinking house was. We knocked on a door that I know wasn't the house. They were busy but through the window we said DO YOU KNOW LEILA? She pointed across the street. We were flabbergasted. We cried so hard. We were soaking wet but knew where she lived. She wasn't home so we wanted to leave a note... It was interesting because that morning also I had a little tiny clear bag on my bed and I thought, I need to bring this. I didn't because I thought...no that's so stupid. I don't need that. .. SO anyways. Here we were with this note and its raining so hard. ... What to do. I knew.. Oh, duh. This is why I needed the bag. I had another grocery bag that was huge and ugly and we made a function thing out of this to waterproof the note.

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