Thursday, June 6, 2013

MTC... May 28th
Mission life is wonderful I feel so blessed and happy. I feel blessed to have the family I do when I hear some of the Elder's life stories. They are such strong examples to me. We went to the temple today and being in the celestial room with them was like being with my current family. I felt great.
We teach investigators that when we pray we first address God, second tell him the feelings in our hearts-corazones, and then close in the nombre de JesuCristo, amen. I realized last night I have never done that. I have always prayed: open, thanks for this, bless this, amen, not my deep sincere thoughts. I tried it and it was wonderful.
I feel your prayers. I know that angels are here with me!
Me and Hermana Wonnacotts' favorite thing to do here is learn and share the gospel BUT when we aren't doing that we love to sing. We have great renditions of hymns. Our district always sings. Their favorite song is oh elders of israle. They sing it so much.

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