Monday, June 24, 2013

What I've "Bean" through...

CHile has been great this week. I had the greatest epiphany ever. I was being a baby and thinking of home and the things I miss because this place is so different than home. I know the blessings of my home and the love my family has for me. Then I realized. I know the blessings of my heavenly home. I know how my heavenly father loves me and I know the things in store for me there BUT I dont continually want to die do i? No! SO Then it hit me. I have to live here while I do and do everything in my power to return to both my heavenly home and my earthly home.
After this major enlightenment, Life has become so much easier. I have been so happy. I truly realized that these people are my brothers and sisters and I want to help them so much. Its getting easier to talk to everyone and share my testimony on the train, in the collectivos (TAXIS) and while walking, shopping, etc. I love it. And the members here are so strong and great. I love them so much.
It seems with great spirituality and strength comes opposition. I have been sicker this week than ever in my life. In various ways. The other day I received a huge plate of lentejas-beans from a member and it was delicious. But I killed my stomach. The next 3 days were a living heck! haha Oh my goodness. My companion laughed and when the members offered me food she had to tell them I couldn't eat because I was not accustomed to the food. Beans. They kill me. SLowly. But apparently I will get used to it. My comp ate the whole plate and ASKED FOR SECONDS.
Last night we were sitting at the misisonary devotional and I started feeling sick. Ive never felt that way ever in my life. I was trying to maintain myself but I was starting to pass out. I finally told my companion. Then I was blacking out. SO basically some stuff happened I don't super remember.  I slowly walked/was carried out of the room to lie down. The assistants to the presidents helped me by sharing their jackets because I was freezing and helped get me water and feel better. It was so weird. I was dizzy and light headed and I hated it with all my heart. I hate to be a burden to people and it was awful. I got a blessing and then was driven home later. This morning I woke up the same. =( Since it was P day we went and played sports. We were playing futbol, me dizzily, and being my idiotic self got way into the game and headed the ball. MY companion was like HERMANA YOURE inferma...and the weirdest thing happened. I actually felt better.
Later we realized that I was really messed up because we fasted and then I had a huge banana split and because Ive lost a lot of weight. Hopefully I dont have a parasite. Haha. We will see about that one. ... but yeah. I love to see such opposition. Whenever we teach the first vision there is always opposition. Dogs barking, babies crying, cars, and one investigator had her video about the restoration stop right before Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. With such great truth there has to be opposition. It makes me happy and fortifies my testimony. I know that the work is true and the work is good.
The work is great here. I am happy. I have learned so much and if I were to go home today I would be a completely different person. I love the gospel and the truth and joy it brings people. I am so glad I can share with everyone.
My companion is teaching me espanol, and some phrases in italian. Eso somo malcho feliche ...I am so happy... and my roomate, teaches me portuguese. I know I need the every hour in portuguese! My mind is spinning- and not because I am dizzy anymore. haha. Its because I learn so much spiritually, mentally, physically. 

I love you all. Thanks for the different roles you have played in my life. I love keeping in touch with you all and thanks for writing me.

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