Monday, June 10, 2013


June 10th.........This week has been nothing but an invasion of my personal space. Let me explain what has been invading my life and why its so good.

The first invasion of my life in Chile has been in mother nature. There are dogs literally everywhere. They are nice for the most part but if they are too scary we just pretend we are picking up a rock.
Mas mother nature, I bet there were more slugs in my shower this week than yours. Barbosas. haha. And on the stairs, and in many places in the house. haha
Mother Nature also gave us an earthquake, but I was so tired and slept soundly through it. Everyone was astounded. What an invasion haha

The second way Chile has been an invasion of my personal space is through the people. Last night we taught a lesson to a 20 something year old man who was wearing boxers-with a robe over it. So awkward. People here are very comfortable. I also saw a woman nursing..... I finally learned how to kiss. LOL hahah! Every time people greet here they kiss and I started out actually kissing peoples cheeks but you just touch cheeks and make a kissing sound in the ears. Sooo sorry people .... love, the awkward gringa. hah We only kiss the women to say hi although men do to. A couple of nights ago this man kissed me because i couldnt think fast enough to say NO NOS SALUDEMOS CON UNA BESA. so yeah. Ive practiced that line many times.

The third way this week has been an invasion of my personal space is because the spirit is taking over. I INVITED A MAN TO BE BAPTIZED! oh my goodness. He wants more lessons. We are going back tonight. I bet he will. He believes in God and cried to us about his spouse dying. He is 74 years old, going through dialysis and has a prosthetic leg. He has so many challenges and yet is so anxious to live and learn. I love him. Seriously.  It was the best spirit, lesson, feeling ever. The spirit has snuck in many times and reaffirmed my doubts and helped me with the language and the culture. The first few days were super rough, because I am essentially camping (in the fall) but I really love the people.

I bore my testimony in the rama (branch ) on sunday about about how the spirit is the same in any language and how it has taught me.

Through all my invasions, I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing and although it is super tough it has brought me so much joy.

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