Tuesday, November 5, 2013


SFG, the acronym of the week from my sector,  San Fernando Guadalupe. ...Sweating Fifty Gallons, Skin Fresh and Golden, Super Feliz Gringa... Still Feeling LOST =) 

There’s the words of the week. Today we went to a museum. which was a really old house and some cool artifacts inside. They don’t have glass around anything so I touched the jaw of a blue whale. Last week we went to the beach ocean pichilemu. to the punto de los lobos. Wolf point (although I didn’t see any wolves) but I did see a dog. We saw men carrying out hug bags on their backs of collalulo. (seaweed). to sell in the streets. Yeah I like p`day here. haha 

It’s so hot. Haha but the good news is, it’s not cold. At least I’ll have a white Christmas here because the trees are snowing flowers and pollen balls. =) hehe 
Here in san fern we eat pretty normal. We always have coke, rice, chicken, cabbage or lettuce with lemon and oil and ice cream after

 We are having a lot of progression in our investigators. One investigator was in church on Sunday. It was fast and testimony meeting. He said he wanted to have a testimony. He keeps saying more and more ¨so for my baptism...¨and made me promise I would sing at his baptism. (apparently no one can sing here if they want me. but ire and hare,) haha  I played piano a little the other day so soon I will probably have to play. They caught me. Everyone wants me to teach them... my comp learned a little =) 
 Our other baptism date went on vacation. We met 4 new people and put baptism dates this week. One reminded me of my grandma seal who died in April. I love her so much. I may have cried a little in finding her.
We found a family last night. Sunday night at 8:25 pm ...talk about the Lord trying our patience because we had been knocking all week.
I am getting around the sector pretty well. Actually, that’s the biggest lie ever. Its really big and I still don’t know too much.  Our sector is huge. Luckily we will never run out of places to go. We walk probably a few miles everyday. I am skinny butt now. The city center in a 15 min walk east.

For now we will get our baptisms to come to pass. I am ready. My comp is more than ready. Oh this Uraguashan is great. I hope I don’t receive her español accent. =) Or her english =) (when she reads its a little like Arnold Swartenegger, and it makes my day.) I think that’s why we have language study.

I am doing good . I feel happier than ever. I think every time I have a doubt in my mind of my purpose here, the Lord sends 15 reminders of His love for me. I can´t help but feel happy. 

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