Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I am a country girl now....transfers

So good things happened this week. It was super crazy. 
The phone rang Monday night and we had special transfers. The assistants said that we weren’t in trouble but he felt revelation that we were the ones to change. I felt the spirit so strong.
 I was thrust out of the sector I was born into, into the wild jungle. Just kidding. It is however the place you picture when you think of Chile. Some houses with cement floors and old wooden walls. This place is amazing. ...: 

Sooo... Monday. Hermana Arias and I cried, and packed. Tuesday we had a long encounter with the Area Book. Note to self, Don’t get behind on that. That was the worst. We went to say bye to people, not too many were home. Which killed me. We had an awesome final FHE with the branch president and Carlos and his family . I hope the branch can take good care of him and baptize him

Wednesday I left, after my final zone conference. They gave me a shout out thanks for all I did. I felt good (because initially I felt super bummed I opened the sector Villa El Sol C and closed it) but I know we affected people and the seeds with grow now. In 20 years, right? haha. Oh well I feel good about it.

 I now live in the country...
So here’s a nice HELLO FROM Guadalupe San Fernando, CHILE =) I JUST GOT BACK FROM THE BEACH: We went to Pichilemu today. It was so beautiful. I now live in the south, like 1.5 hours south of where I was before. and it is more country. I didn’t realize how city I was in. When you think of Chile, you think of Guadalupe. 

 I met my new companion. Hermana Shanchez from Uruguay ... My companion definitely is very motivational and the most obedient person I have ever met and she’s been a great leader. Guess how many baptism dates we put this week? 3. Oh my freaking loving life! =) =) So we will work more with them and their families hopefully soon.

Friday we went to Rancagua so that I could become an official citizen of Chile. But it fell, so I need to go tomorrow. Friday we were trying to take a bus to another city, 20 minutes away, Angostura but ended up in TAMBO. Which is super far away. We were so lost, but had to take another bus to get back to Angostura. haha this sector is huge. And super mountainous. I love it.

The church members here are awesome. The branch has 150. Double my other branch.

I am so happy to be here! 

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