Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Car Accident is a Blessing

Everything is going good. I am feeling good although this week was a bit hard for me.This week I got super sick from eating something bad. That was super fun. Worst 3 days of my life. haha. Which made it harder to stay animated about the work going on. I feel better now and know that the Lord is mindful of me and to just keep doing his work. I know that this will bring me the most excitement and happiness. But despite anything I have, I know that I can overcome. I am so excited to be a missionary in this so crucial time. 

As for work in the sector, We proposed a baptism date this week to Carlos again. He has already been at church three times and I feel that he is ready. He was with members 4 days this week and I was thrilled.  ...we were throwing the b word around like there is no tomorrow. BAPTISM: He was a little shocked and feels unprepared  for a date in the next 3 weeks...My mom  put his name on the prayer roll and I know that prayer really does work. I hope we can get him to realize how prepared he is and how worthy of a priesthood holder he will be. I hope they can continue to see the peace and revelation that comes from being at church. We are close to finishing visiting the list of menos acitvos. We will be done before November 1st. The list has been such a blessing and I hope these last few names can also have softened hearts to hear the good word. 
Woah. The weeks are going so fast. Almost 5 months here in Chile.

This week I rotted more fruit than I ever have in my life.BTW I am quite skinny because I live off of produce but was disappointed to find a rotten Chirimoya (good chilean fruit) and rotten avocados and rotten cucumber. Dang I need to be better at making sure its fresh. During winter, we can leave fruit wherever but its been freaking hot. On Martes (tues)  it was the hottest day on earth. And i honestly believe that. 

Something very humbling happened this week. Besides getting sick and fasting for our investigators (which were both super humbling)... We went to visit a member who got hit by a car (but was okay). . We were all OH SO SORRY OH I AM SORRY WE HOPE YOU'RE OKAY: and yeah... she very humbly said [I think it was an answer to my prayers because I have been wanting to go to the temple and didn't have money. I got in the accident and they paid me, so now I have money. When I can walk again, I'll go to the temple.] I was dying. Inside myself I was bawling with gratefulness to know this woman. I felt so impressed by her desire and willingness to rely on the Lord. We left and I was whimpering for an hour after OH! OH oh my gosh. Oh shes so great. My companion was rolling her eyes at me, but how do people get so precious? 

A woman told me I didn't look north American  after my comp said I was from Bolivia. Yes. Best day ever. 
And besides that many lessons. I love missionary work =) I am so happy to be here and serve.
-Hermana Loca Nokes.


  1. Oh wow! That was some positivity she has in her! In life, there are a lot of things that can happen to everyone. We might like some of them, but there would also be those that we would dread. The same goes with accidents. Getting into an accident is aweful, but getting compensation and justice after to continue on with your life gives the lighter side of things. Your friend is one strong woman. It wouldn't be long until she can walk again.
    Vesta Duvall @ The Zalkin Law Firm, P.C.

  2. It depends upon a person’s attitude on how he/she can treat a life’s disaster. She may have been shaken and traumatized by the accident, but she chose to look at the greener pasture. I hope everyone would have the same perspective as her.