Monday, November 18, 2013

By small and simple things

This week as we sat waiting for our investigator in his pre interview for his baptism , my companion was trying to play what I taught her of Come thou fount of every blessing on the piano. We were there for 3 hours waiting for him because we told him we would be there when he finished and didn't realize it would take so long. She was pounding out and I was getting annoyed. It reminded me of home. Then She asked for me to help her with some of the chords I did and she played it wonderfully. I have been listening to it for weeks in the awful first pounding skills and now its getting more melodic. While sitting listening to her and thinking about Artu in his interview. I thought that its great I have a testimony and its great I can play (a bit) of the piano, but HOW much greater is it that I can teach others to play and others to have a testimony. I have been extremely blessed to see how the Lord has been here for me to see a big miracle happening this week with my first baptism. I know that success is not measured in baptism but it is in progression, and that's a big step. I am happy. I started crying during these silent moments of reflection. My companion yelled (in english) Are You crying? Maybe I took a part in the things she is learning.
Maybe not. We got to speak english in a lesson this week and I bombed it. I couldn't talk at all. I forgot how many sayings we have. I like typing a lot. I type in english but now am beginning to think in spanish. Instead of saying We are playing sports at the church today... i said... We have sports this day at the church. wow. Sign me up for preschool when I return, Mom. Which by the way is in one year. Friday is my 6 month mark, How fast does time pass?

In sacrament meeting a song was sung I stand all amazed and i know that my redeemer lives. My two favorites right now. I haven't cried for a long time besides thursday night but that made me cry. I am so happy I can share the good news of Jesus Christ.

I never thought I would be learning so much as I am here. Really by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I am learning self control, patience, diligence, and faith. Maybe a bit of longsuffering with the largeness of this sector and the amount of walking we have. I am still learning the quirks of my companion. ) And I am happy.

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