Monday, March 3, 2014

The Beach ( My new area)

This week was like that horrid machine at the gym, of never ending steps. Partially because we climbed this huge hill twice this week, where my feet are too big to climb normally, so I side step the whole way. Also partially because I am taking things one-step at a time to better myself. It was hard but amazing. Sunday was a day of champions because I felt the spirit so strong. Whenever anyone said something I knew was true I felt the spirit testify to me of that thing. It was really neat. I started writing them down. I know that we have a living prophet, that Joseph Smith restored the church, that our families can be forever and that the church is true. How cool to have this little foundation in my life. 
I finally figured out my comp. It took a few weeks. Just don’t take things personally and just love her to pieces. It’s going good. haha that was a huge step.

We had a big wedding in the ward this week, and then the investigator got baptized on Saturday. It was fun to see a Chilean wedding, even though we aren’t allowed to  dance (thank heavens. I would probably  kill someone. )MY comps been teaching me how to dance. I hope to learn the salsa. She’s got the moves. In Chilean weddings they do toasts, the bride and  groom dance a waltz and most importantly they eat like vultures. 

Speaking of many birds devouring things, we got to go to the lovely beach today with 2 zones. I loved to be in the dark sand in the fresh air. It’s getting chilly, Chile, here. Well it was always Chile. This next week is more chill. Not too many things to do, I hope we get down to the nitty gritty work. I am ready for some more success! haha but life is good. Just taking it one puny step at a time. 

p.s. the best part of the week was when we were at the train station and this drunk guy was all in my face saying joseph smith, no sé como, no sé cuanto and then finally leaves. This other guy comes over and is like man! Sorry about that drunken guy, I wanted to protect you two. Then he gets going and is more drunk and worse than the first. Yelling about his son and how he wants to be a good dad and how he’s seen aliens. The best part was when he just looked up at me and yelled CACHAI?! Which means do you understand in chilean. hahah me and my comp have yelled that while fake crying all week. CACHAIIII? =) 
p.s.s. I saw a walrus

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