Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Look for miracles

::: This week was super great. Happy New Year. I decided I wanted to be happier and more lively and all. So I have been looking for miracles everyday. 
. My dad tells me to look for the miracles everyday and I started doing that. I made a booklet with all the things the Lord blesses me with everyday. I am a bit overwhelmed. He is so good to me. There are many miracles in my life and I am so grateful for the challenges and opportunities I have so that I can learn and grow.
Happy New Years. We had to be home at seven. Party! ha-ha the Chileans were out super late. We lit matches as fireworks. and laded in bed in  extreme heat. 
We had 6 people (3 little kids, but still!) in sacrament! I was so happy. It was awesome. One investigator will be baptized the 18th.It feels like we just met her! She is my first. . I was worried with how fast her conversion has gone, but we had a lesson and she was teaching us. I know that’s what the spirit will do for someone. I can´t wait for her and am just antsy for her big day.

I had a feeling to go to a contact that we haven’t seen for months. It was his only day here in weeks and for weeks. That was neat. I know that we receive impressions. 

We got to go contacting to a gorgeous place with rivers, giant corn fields the mountains. I didn’t have my camera. The sunset there! it took my breath away. 

We finally got celestial missionary 100 percent. I think that’s why we are having success and I am learning to deal with my companion and her with me. All is going great. Thanks for the prayers and love. I love you all and wish you the best week..
Hermana Nokes

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